OHC is committed to implementing and operating an appropriate personal information management system, policies, processes and controls to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its, and its customers’ personal information and comply with applicable data protection regulations and requirements.


The primary objective is to ensure that OHC fulfils all of its personal information management obligations to customers, suppliers, staff and other interested parties.


The personal information management system provides the framework for identifying and controlling risks to personal information through the implementation of operational controls and continuous improvement, thus maximising our potential to fulfil all personal information management obligations to customers, suppliers, staff and other external parties, such as business partners. It provides all interested parties with the confidence that their personal information shall be kept appropriately secure whilst under the control of OHC.


We recognise that our business relationships require on-going commitment to achieving business excellence and security at every level of OHC and its supply chains.


OHC is committed to:-

  1. Processing personal information only where this is strictly necessary for legal and regulatory purposes, or for legitimate organisational purposes
  2. Processing only the minimum personal information required for these purposes
  3. Providing clear information to natural persons (including children) about how their personal information can be used and by whom
  4. Ensuring special safeguards when collecting information directly from children
  5. Only processing relevant and adequate personal information
  6. Processing personal information fairly and lawfully
  7. Maintaining a documented inventory of the categories of personal information processed by the organisation
  8. Keeping personal information accurate and, where necessary, up to date
  9. Retaining personal information only for as long as is necessary for legal or regulatory reasons or for legitimate organisational purposes and ensuring timely and appropriate disposal
  10. Respecting natural persons’ rights in relation to their personal information
  11. Keeping all personal information secure
  12. Only transferring personal information outside the UK and EU in circumstances where it can be adequately protected
  13. Where appropriate, the strategy for dealing with regulators across the UK and EU, where goods and/or services are offered to natural persons who are resident in other EU countries
  14. The application of the various exemptions allowable by data protection legislation
  15. Where appropriate, identifying internal and external interested parties and the degree to which they are involved in the governance of the organisation’s PIMS
  16. Maintain records of processing of personal information

This policy statement applies to all of OHC in its entirety.