Is your in-house IT team expensive, ineffective and slow to react to urgent issues? Or maybe you’re a new business that’s been relying solely on anti-virus software to protect your data? Whatever stage you’re at, it might be time to consider managed IT support services to improve your IT infrastructure.

Businesses rely on digital systems more than ever for day-to-day activities. So, disruptions to these systems and any downtime will have a huge impact on productivity and performance. That’s why 83% of small-to-medium businesses in the UK use managed IT services to help run their digital infrastructure. We’re going to take a look at the top benefits of outsourced IT support and why you should consider switching to a managed IT service provider.


What is managed IT support?

Before we dive into the benefits let’s define exactly what we’re talking about. Managed IT support services are third-party companies that will oversee your entire IT department. Including cyber-security, troubleshooting, hardware repairs, disaster recovery and much more. The customer typically pays a monthly fee for proactive IT support that remotely manages their IT infrastructure. It’s a great alternative to hiring an in-house team and you get a much more comprehensive IT service at a fraction of the cost.

But what are the benefits?


1. Controlled monthly costs

Any business needs to plan for costs to limit unexpected bills. This is especially important if you’re a small-to-medium sized business with a limited budget. Establishing a fixed monthly payment plan with your managed IT service provider takes the stress out of IT costs. You know exactly how much you’re spending on IT, when you have to pay it each month, and the services you’ll receive in return. Knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying for IT will allow you to be more flexible when investing in other areas of your business.


2. Managed IT support services offer unlimited support

Paying for temporary staff when disaster strikes or when additional support is needed to help an in-house team can be expensive. When using a managed IT service, you will have access to unlimited, round-the-clock support. There will be a team of experts ready to start solving your problems immediately and at no extra cost.


3. Outsourced IT support is cost-effective

Managed IT support services are more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team. You’ll still be able to call someone whenever a problem arises, or when you need help with repairs and upgrades. However, you won’t have stresses and costs associated with permanent employees. It’s also likely that you’ll benefit from reduced hardware and software prices as the managed IT service will have an existing relationship with suppliers and benefit from economies of scale.


4. Flexible service

Another benefit of outsourced IT support is that you have the flexibility to upgrade as your business grows or consolidate when needed. You can create contracts where you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t need, and you can quickly scale up and access new services as you need them. The control is with you.

You simply don’t get this level of flexibility with an in-house team as you are required to hire/fire staff when expanding or consolidating your IT infrastructure. Neither of which is a quick or cheap process.


5. Managed IT support services provide access to expert knowledge

Arguably the biggest benefit of outsourcing IT is the access to expert knowledge, specialist skills, and years of IT experience across a variety of sectors. Training staff to know how to fix something that only happens once in a blue moon is expensive. Whereas using a managed IT service means you gain access to a resource that has seen it all before and will know exactly how to solve issues right away.


6. Increased customer service levels

With managed IT service providers, you’ll gain access to a dedicated customer support team. Your contract will include a service level agreement that guarantees a quick response time and a friendly service. The customer support team will get to know your business inside out and will provide smooth IT support that reduces downtime and keeps your workforce productive.


7. Access to the best technologies and software with free upgrades

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, supplying your workforce with IT equipment and managing the license fees to necessary software is expensive. Then, you have to factor in frequent upgrade costs just to rub salt in the wound.

Managed IT services have an incentive to supply you with the best equipment and software available because they’re the ones claiming that they can upgrade your infrastructure. Whereas in-house IT departments are incentivised to cut costs and make do where possible because the less you can spend on IT, the more profitable the company will be at year-end.

Well, if you choose to go with a managed IT service, you’ll be able to reduce costs while getting access to the best equipment and software available. Working with an outsourced IT department gives you access to a service that is continually upgraded while your monthly retainer costs remain flat.


8. Proactive cyber security & disaster recovery

A managed IT service provider will use the best anti-malware and security tools to make sure that all of their client’s data remains safe and secure. Working with an outsourced IT department means that your whole network will be protected by their robust data protection systems that are under constant surveillance. You’ll have a proactive guardian angel that’s on the lookout for malicious emails and other cybersecurity threats. More often than not, the threats will be dealt with before you even know about them.

This proactive strategy when it comes to security means that you can avoid expensive downtime and take a hands-off approach to keeping your network safe. If disaster does strike, there will be a team ready to get your employees back to work as soon as possible.


9. Improves productivity by allowing you to concentrate on your core business

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure will need to grow with it. Outsourcing some or all of your IT department means that you can concentrate on your core business and not be slowed down by time-consuming IT issues. You’ll be able to scale on demand by gaining access to a team of experts that have all the necessary skills to fill in any gaps you may have as your business expands. Finding a managed IT service that offers flexible contracts is key to getting the support you need without having to pay for any unnecessary services.


What to look for in a managed IT support service

We’ve learnt what some of the benefits can be if you decide to work with a managed IT support service but how can you find the best company to work with? We’ve summarised what an industry-leading outsourced IT department should offer:

  •     Flexible, cost-effect fixed contracts
  •     24/7 customer support
  •     Online and phone support
  •     Customer service agents with advanced troubleshooting training
  •     Remote access capabilities
  •     Comprehensive backup & disaster recovery solutions
  •     A large team of experts with experience across sectors
  •     Top of the range technology and software
  •     Infrastructure support (WIFI, network cabling, fibre-optics, etc.)
  •     Proactive cybersecurity protocols


Final thoughts on the benefits of managed IT support services

Working with an outsourced IT department can provide your business with a cost-effective resource that can enhance your IT infrastructure. They will proactively protect against cyber threats and give you access to the best technology and equipment available. Flexible contracts mean that you can scale or consolidate your IT resources on-demand and you’ll never have to pay for something you don’t need or want. If you want to find out more about Orchard House Computers’ managed IT services, give us a call on 01986 891000 or fill in the contact form below and our team will give you a call to find out how we can help.


Originally published Apr 12, 2021 02:25:41 PM, updated June 11 2021

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